Are you attracting mosquitoes? Here are a few reasons why.

Mosquito scientist Grayson Brown, director of the Public Health Entomology Laboratory in the Department of Entomology at the University of Kentucky, made a list of things that attract mosquitoes.

  • Sweat

“Lactic acid and the bacterial colonies that comes with sweating are very strong attracters for mosquitoes,” said Brown. In fact, he added, “We use an artificial version of sweat as a principle lure in our mosquito traps.” Just how much you sweat and the chemical make-up of it is also determined by genetics.

  • Skin bacteria

Mosquitoes are attracted to chemicals in the air, including certain bacteria that live on the skin. “There have been a lot of studies of bacterial fauna on people’s skin,” said Brown. “It’s assumed if you wash with antibacterial soap, you reduce the diversity and amount of bacteria and diversity seems to be important in mosquito attraction.” He suggests washing with antibacterial soap during mosquito season.

  • Clothing color

Mosquitoes use color to pinpoint humans, too, Brown said. “Color is a cue. They are much more likely to go to someone in dark clothes versus somebody in light clothes,” he said. And choose long sleeves and long pants when outdoors, says the CDC.

  • Beer drinking

One study by Japanese researchers found that drinking a single beer increased mosquito attraction. Brown said it’s not clear why that might be, but it’s possible alcohol raises the body temperature of drinkers and makes them sweat more, both known mosquito magnets. Brown said the C02 that fizzles out of a beer bottle when its top is popped could be an attraction factor, too. He recommends drinking ice tea.

Mosquito Shield of West Michigan has a better idea.

Mosquito Shield treats your yard with something called Mosquito Protection Blend. It is a formula that works in three ways: It masks the C02 on your property (that is what is attracting mosquitoes in the first place), it repels mosquitoes, and it will take them down on contact.

There is a residual benefit as well. With continued treatments, the barrier that is built up on the property gets stronger. If any mosquitoes do happen to get through, the Mosquito Protection Blend gets on the wings of the pest and takes it down.

If you need more information on residential mosquito control, contact us at (269) 763-9248.