For all of us in West Michigan, our mosquito season is over for 2015. That was made obvious with the recent first accumulating snowfall of the season. But what a season it was! The cool temperatures seemed to hold on forever, and for some of the communities, the rain just kept coming.

That amount of rainfall really exemplifies the importance of Mosquito Shield’s Flexblend scheduling feature. We don’t sell treatments. We sell seasonal mosquito control. You cannot control mosquitoes on a set schedule! Rain Shield, which is added to our proprietary Mosquito Protection Blend, allows each spray to resist light to moderate rains. After heavy rain, the Flexblend scheduling system allows for us to return to customer’s property in as little as 10 days should the results of the treatment become effected.

I’m sure that you’re not thinking about mosquitoes now, you’re probably thinking about Christmas shopping! In light of shopping, I’d like to suggest that giving the gift of mosquito control might be very relevant. With the holidays approaching, and you’re preparing for the gatherings you’ll attend with friends and family, you may be reminded of how important it is to spend time together laughing and sharing memories from the past as you create new memories for tomorrow. Be sure to share your stories about how Mosquito Shield allowed your family to spend more time together outdoors.

Whatever you plan to do to enjoy the great outdoors of West Michigan in 2016, make sure that you include Mosquito Shield in your plans for the spring, summer and fall. Don’t let the annoyance of mosquitoes and ticks drive you back indoors, especially after just surviving winter!

Contact Mosquito Shield today for yourself or for giving a season of Mosquito Shield service to someone you love. Whether for you or a friend/neighbor, having Mosquito Shield helping protect you from mosquitoes and ticks next year is a good thing to have in place!