Lowell, Michigan Mosquito Control & Tick Spraying Services

Lowell, Michigan Mosquito Control & Tick Spraying
Lowell is located in Kent County and is a city with a population of 3,700 residents. Lowell is located in the northern part of Lowell Township. The economy of Lowell is a mix of manufacturing, restaurants, and locally owned businesses. Lowell was founded in 1831 on the south bank of the Grand River by Daniel Marsac. He purchased land on the north side of the river in 1847 and platted it as “Dansville”. A post office was established by 1851 in Lowell.

Mosquito Shield is a residential mosquito control and tick spraying company dedicated to giving you back your yard. Mosquito Shield will allow your friends, family and pets to spend their days and evenings outside without the annoyance of those pests.

Lowell residents enjoy outdoor activities, these activities are often interrupted by Mosquitos. Mosquitos are some of the most annoying and dangerous pests on the planet, responsible for many different diseases. Mosquito Shield of Michigan is on the frontlines of the battlefield protecting the residents of Lowell from these Mosquitos.