Mosquito control is top of mind even in the winter.

At Mosquito Shield of West Michigan the lights are on and we are preparing for the 2017 mosquito control season.

That usually happens sometime between May 15 and June 1, but local residents know that the weather can be fickle.

Therefore, it is always best to be prepared.

Our winter break is typically short-lived.

We spend some time putting the previous season to bed. There are trucks to repair and backpacks to fix. Both of these need to be winterized.

After we review the successes of the season, we do get to shut down for a bit and relax. However, as many of you know, we have already started the renewal process and thank all of our customers who have pre-paid for 2017.

The Value of Renewing Today

There are several advantages to pre-paying and we have highlighted the most important one below.

First of all, it ensures we are on the property at the first sign of warmer weather. Mosquito control season is unpredictable. If you are already on the list, you are already in our routing schedule.

We call that priority routing.

Often, a customer will wait until the first sight (or bite) of mosquitoes to call and renew. As a result, at that point we are fitting them into a route.

Also, there is some work to be done on that property as the mosquitoes are already in a breeding cycle. We have talked in the past about the importance of staying ahead of the mosquito breeding cycle.

If you get them early, you have a greater likelihood of control throughout the season.

The Mosquito Shield Owners Meeting takes place next week.

That annual event often sheds light on the methods, techniques, and products that we use to help eliminate mosquitoes from your backyard.

It also signals the real start of our season, the time when we get back to the business of setting up 2017.

If you haven’t yet renewed for the season, we urge you to sign up online or call us at (269) 763-9248. We look forward to serving you again in the New Year!